T-Island was a realistic Minecraft society which my and my brother developed. The island was composed of five large cities, and a governance system which included elections, a parliament, local parish, and a derelict capitalistic society. T-Island was home to a few mega-corporations which practically ran the island. The largest of corporations was I-Company, which was owned by me. The I-Company owned many of the infrastructure projects such as public transport, airports, and mobile networks on T-Island. The island almost served as a story of if companies ruled countries.


An overview screenshot of the largest city, T-City.

Entrances to one T-City’s subway stations

Riding on one of the major train lines on T-Island.

Street corner of Cow Street, the first street on T-Island. Pictured is the T-City council building, the Prismarine mall, and LIVESPACE (a communal living zone).

I would’ve liked to share more screenshots but the island is absolutely massive and intricate. To this day I can still remember where everything is on T-Island.