hi! my name is maia, that's pronounced /ˈmaɪ. ə/.

i live in the uk. i'm currently studying computer science and psychology but i'm also considering perusing philosophy and linguistics. in the future i want to travel around the world bringing technologies like machine learning to places which could use it the most ⚡️

i'm a software engineer (specialising in backend and realtime). my main project right now is tweetshift, a bot which analyses twitter in real-time to deliver relevant notifications. i'm also working on a tonne of side projects which you might find interesting. if you've got a fun idea than let's chat, we could make something together! 🤙

i'm also the cto of honeybank studios, a tech company which i founded with my father. we're a team of engineers, designers, and programmers based in hastings (uk). together we formulate ideas that utilise our skills in technology to create online and offline experiences. 🖥

some things i find fun and or interesting: story writing, alternate reality games, internet infrastructure (like bgp), cell towers, public transport, game design, linguistics, japanese, journalism, splatoon, music production, note taking, drawing, blåhaj 🦈

places you can find me: twitter, github, discord, polywork

thanks to eli for inspiring the design of this site, the hugo project for their amazing static site generator, and cloudflare pages for hosting this site for free. you can find the source code to this site on my github.